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Year: 2013
52 min

A documentary by a young filmmaker who leaves his "white" and comfortable world and moves to a Roma ghetto for a few months.

The documentary film is a kind of a "life-movie" capturing an attempt of a young filmmaker to fit into a community of so-called unadaptable citizens. For half a year, he moved to PÅ™edlice near Ústí nad Labem, a notorious Gypsy ghetto. With the camera pointing at himself, the proper Czech among "copies of Czechs" becomes the main character of his film. The documentary seeks answers to the various questions that accompany the cohabitation of two ethnicities: "white" and "black". Among the Roma, he finds a number of friends, and the answers to spoken and unspoken questions are sought together.

Idea, Script, Camera, Sound, Editing, Directed by: Tomáš Kratochvíl

Second and Third Camera: Viktor Lacko, Dominik Kratochvíl

Documentary Consultant of Czech TV: Jana Hádková

Executive Producer of Czech TV: Veronika Slámová

Creative Producer of Czech TV: Petr Kubica



Czech Television