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Mr. Chytil's Crime
Year: 2013
52 min

The film deals with the Opencard case in which several officials of the Prague City Hall have been accused of non-standard practices during the tender procedure.

Mr. Chytil could have spent the last few years of his working life at the Department of Informatics at the Prague City Hall and retired had it not been for the Opencard case. Jiří Chytil is facing one of the biggest corruption cases in the Czech Republic. Film reporter Ivo Bystřičan is looking for a reason why politicians, including Pavel Bém, Petr Hulinský and Milan Richter, are not in court. He examines why the Czech bureaucracy fails to function with complex systems, and looks for a mechanism that makes corruption possible.

Idea: Lukáš Landa

Written and Directed by: Ivo Bystřičan

Editor: Jana Vlčková

Camera: Tomáš Nováček

Sound: Michal Gábor

Documentary Consultant of Czech TV: Jana Hádková

Executive Producer of Czech TV: Veronika Slámová

Creative Producer of Czech TV: Petr Kubica


Czech Television