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The Undisguised Nation
Year: 2013
52 min

This edition of the Czech Journal is about Croatia in the summer when it becomes a Czech enclave and how the Croats see the Czechs. The film was inspired by the article "The Unhappy Tourist Švejk" by Croatian journalist Boris Dežulović.

Will the Croats help us see ourselves without rose-coloured glasses? Can we bring back something other than a tan and refreshed lungs? What does it say about the Czechs that almost a million of us travel to Croatia in the holidays? This is a story of love and hate, a satire based on national stereotypes and a reflection on them as well as on the social role of the sea.

Idea, Script and Directing: Filip Remunda

Script Editor of Czech TV: Jana Hádková

Editing: Marek Šulík

Camera: Jakub Halousek

Sound: Michal Gábor

Production Manager of Czech TV: Ladislav Kožík

Creative Producer of Czech TV: Petr Kubica


Czech Television