Project detail

Special Investigation
Year: 2017
22 min

A new format of investigative short documentaries showing the gradual steps of a journalist's research of a story.

The main characters of the investigative series called Special Investigation are reporters Sabina Slonková and Jiří Kubík. After many years, they joined forces to open up mysterious and unresolved cases.

Kubík and Slonková are building on their long-standing cooperation, during which they have gradually exposed a number of political and corruption cases from the mid-1990s to 2002. They received the prestigious Ferdinand Peroutka Award for journalism for their work.

Directed by: Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda

Camera: Jakub Halousek, Braňo Pažitka, Adam Kruliš, Tomáš Nováček, Adam Sejk, Vít Klusák

Sound: Michal Gábor, Václav Flegl

Editing: Jan Zuska

Production: Anna Poláčková

Graphic Design: Plaftik

Spot Music: Sabot