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A Theory of Equality
Year: 2017
64 min

Issues related to gender equality in the Czech society are discussed on many levels, with much stronger intensity and on a much larger scale than what was previously imaginable. Helped by growing media coverage, several recently founded associations and organizations try to raise awareness towards such issues among general public. These groups are often rejected by our society, much more often than politicians with their controversial statements. The documentary tries to stir the still waters of stereotypical attitudes through the “parades” of the male and female members of feminist groups.

  • written and directed by:  Barbora Chalupová
  • dramaturgy HMF:  Martin Mareček
  • dramaturgy ČT:  Jana Hádková
  • DOP:  Šimon Havel
  • editor:  Zuzana Walter
  • sound:  Adam Bláha,  Vojtěch Zavadil,  Martin Kuhn,  Luka Šuto,  Viera Marinová,  Šimon Hermann



Czech Television